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Dependable Access for Victims' Expenses

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I am a crime victim

I am a victim and want to file a claim with the Program or I want to check the status of a claim I have already filed.

I am a provider

I am a Provider who provided services to a crime victim. I want to check the status of bills that have been submitted for a victim/claimant or I want to file a Forensic Rape Examination Claim.

Online Materials Ordering

I want to order victims compensation and rights materials.

* Please note that there are a limited amount of supplies to be ordered. Once the supplies have been depleted, you will no longer be able to order supplies and will have to print them yourself from the PDF.

Funeral Director

Funeral Directors assisting a claimant or filing a claim on their own behalf should contact the Program for further information at (800) 233-2339

Victim Advocates and VCAP Staff


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Victims can use our Android or iOS PA Crime Victims app to file a claim or check the status of a claim.

 Download the PA Crime Victims app

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Are you a new user in an existing Victim Service Program? New users can register with DAVE system.
If you prefer to scan and email claim documents, rather than mailing/faxing the documents, you may send the documents to
Please send technical comments and problems to DAVE Support
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